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Pandoras Box  by  Allison Hobbs

Pandoras Box by Allison Hobbs
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Pandora’s BoxPandora’s Box is a book of hard times for a young single mother. There are so many emotions in this book. As I was reading this book I felt very sad. I felt sorry for the people in this story. The reason I kept reading this book because, it was very unreal to me that all this women at the Pandora’ s Box sold their bodies for money and some did it for drugs. But the main character, she did it for her son. Even though it sounded like a good reason to work there it turned out to be not that good for her. Because the money got to her head, so she stayed.My favorite character in this book was Victoria.

She was the new comer at the Pandora’s Box. She was a single mother that had no job, and no way out. So she went to go get a job as a prostitute in a building. Since she wasn’t on the streets she thought that it would be a little better. But she was wrong. It was the worst time of her life. But she stayed because of the money- she stayed just a little too long.My least favorite character in this book was the owner of the Pandora’s Box.

I really didn’t like him because he was the one that was running the whole thing. And he seemed to not care about the girls that worked for him. He harassed young girls and tried to talk them in to working for him even though they really didn’t want to.There was one part out of this book that really captivated my attention was when Victoria was at work and she had a customer in her room, getting ready to do her job.

Then the mad got out of hand and stated to take control of her by raping her. And poor Victoria just let it happen- she really didn’t care as long as she got paid. And this helps me get to my point why I think the author wrote this book. I think he wrote it to let people see what money can do to you.

And how it can hurt you and make you weak, to the point where you would do anything for money.My favorite line for this book was when Victoria was getting raped, and she yelled at him “Do you now know how to Respect a Women?” and he said back “Honey you deserve no Respect in a place like this.” And I really liked this line because it was so true. I thought she was setting herself up and disrespecting herself for lying to her family and son on where she was going at night. So I think she deserves no type of respect. I recommend this book to my teacher Miss. Trice. I think that it would be a good book for him because I know she likes a good book that has drama and passion though out the whole thing.I was not able to predict the book because at the beginning of the book you think she might get sick of working at Pandora’s Box, but she doesn’t.

She stays there and she dies there to. Right in there bed where she done her “work”. If this book was made in to a movie then I would want to be Victories mother. Because she seemed like a very nice loving person that cared for her daughter and only wanted the best for her.

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