Hot Minnesota Sex Death M.R. Nesheim


Published: March 1st 2012

Kindle Edition

280 pages


Hot Minnesota Sex Death  by  M.R. Nesheim

Hot Minnesota Sex Death by M.R. Nesheim
March 1st 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 280 pages | ISBN: | 3.47 Mb

Ole and Lena Ingersson, leaders of the utopian town of Nede, die during a sexually convoluted act, creating doubt, panic and fear to flow through the towns citizens. Their death allows the mischievous Mucus Adonis to return. Ole and Lenas son Inger leaves to investigate his parents death, hoping to discover either truth or reason behind their passing. Mucus preys on Oddmund Ingerssons vanity and tricks him into following the book of L.O.V.E., which Oddmund believes to be the path to true love.

The town accepts Oddmund as their leader when they confuse him with his father, believing that Ole has returned from the grave. It is only after the town spirals into sexual chaos that Oddmunds eyes open to the lusting reality he helped create. He tries to reverse his actions while his brother, Inger, searches for answers on a quest branching into the metaphysical.

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