Because of You (2 in 1): Indy Man / Homeplace Janet Dailey

ISBN: 9780821775592

Published: September 2002

Mass Market Paperback


Because of You (2 in 1): Indy Man / Homeplace  by  Janet Dailey

Because of You (2 in 1): Indy Man / Homeplace by Janet Dailey
September 2002 | Mass Market Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9780821775592 | 6.17 Mb

Because Of You - Two Delightful Reads!Two books for the price of one. “The Indy Man” and “Homeplace. “ I hope you will pick up this book as a great summer read.“The Indy Man”The Indy Man is a strange name for a title of a story. As the story unfolds you will come to learn why this story was named that.Susan Mabry works in the law firm of Robert & Warren Sullivan. (Father and Son.) She is engaged to Warren.

Warren very rarely shows his romantic side but Susan doesn’t mind, not at first anyway. Actually, Warren had never really proposed to her, he told her they were getting married. So Susan’s life falls into a routine, seeing Warren on specific days of the week.

Same routine, week in and week out.Mitch Braden soon appears into the picture. He notices Susan and Warren dining together in the same restaurant that he is in and instantly is fascinated with Susan. She is a beautiful young lady that has caught his eye. Mitch unknown to Susan and Warren is a race car driver.

It isn’t until Susan sees him on the local Indianapolis news that she realizes that Mitch was the same obnoxious man they ran into at the restaurant that evening.Mitch’s goal is to win Susan’s heart. Does he succeed in doing so?

Does Susan end up having feelings for Mitch or does she stay with Warren?This is a sweet love story that keeps the pages turning. Author Janet Dailey does not disappoint the readers. She portrays Susan has a strong independent woman with a mind of her own. Warren is portrayed as a man who has to be in control at all times and when things don’t go according to his plan he isn’t the least bit happy.

Mitch is portrayed as the man who won’t go away. He pops up here and there where ever Susan seems to be! Coincident? I think not!“Homeplace”Homeplace is a delightful read. I loved every page of this story. I had hoped this book would end the way I wanted it to. Did it? My lips are sealed.Cathie Haradon’s life will never be the same. She is saddened by the fact that her family’s farm was sold and to a stranger, some city slicker, named Rob Douglas. So many memories are here on this farm.Cathie is engaged to Clay Carlsen a person she has known all her life.

They grew up playing together on the farm. It is only natural that they should end up spending the rest of their lives together, right?As a teacher Cathie is dismayed that Rob’s son Tad will be attending her fourth grade class.

That means she will have to interact with Rob.Her heart starts to melt when she notices that Tad doesn’t make friends with any of his class mates. He stands out in the way he dresses and carries himself. He is picked on by the other students. They call him names such as “Tadpole.”As Cathie becomes more involved with Rob, because of Tad, she starts to feel a change toward Rob and that angers her.

She doesn’t want to like this man and she sure doesn’t want these strange stirrings that are happening inside her toward him.Will Cathie run from her feelings she has toward Rob and convince Clay they should marry right away?This book had me turning pages just as fast as I could read them. I just had to know how it ended.

The author took me to places in my own past. Memories came flooding in very similar to what Cathie was facing. I even shed a few tears while reading this book. Am I an old softie or did the author hope to tug on my heartstrings?I do hope everyone reading this review picks up a copy of Because of You. I promise you won’t be disappointed!I wish to thank Kensington Publishers for sending me this book to read and review. The opinions in this review are mine alone.

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